Song writing

My song writing became much more intentional when I became involved with Resound Worship and the 12 Song Challenge. This moved me from writing songs very occasionally and sporadically, to much more regularly and across a broader range of themes.

Resound Worship produce a monthly podcast, from which the 12 Song Challenge has developed. This has grown year on year and now has over 150 songwriters from across Europe and the US responding to a particular challenge each month. As part of the 12 Song Challenge, I take a turn on the Podcast to review the various contributions from that month, and have been given the nickname Forum Dad, and more recently David Stattenbury, based on my love of a good spreadsheet and some data analysis!

Some of my produced songs have resulted from the 12 Song Challenge, but I wanted to be able to provide an honest and transparent account of my songwriting attempts through these challenges.

For that reason, the pages below will detail demo recordings of the songs submitted as part of those challenges so you can get an idea of how I have responded to each challenge.