Though Seasons Will Change

Though Seasons Will Change is OUT NOW!

This page will contain all of the information for the Though Seasons Will Change Album, which is already available to stream as the three component EP’s – and is now available to purchase. CD’s are £10 (plus p&p).

Purchase your copy in the online shop by clicking here.

Track listing:
01 – As we look across our city (Lord will you act)
02 – With your breath (I will be still)
03 – Lord I come (Wash my feet)
04 – Your love endures (Forever)
05 – Though seasons will change (Your unmistakable love)
06 – Walk through the fire
07 – This is our time
08 – When I am broken (With me through it all)
09 – You are my Saviour (My hope is in you)
10 – How does the world keep moving (We have a hope)
11 – Devoted to you
12 – Who is this (Worship Him, Emmanuel)
13 – Some days I wake up grumpy (Help me worship you)
14 – How does the world keep moving (There is a hope): Funeral version