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CCLI Information

For easy reference, the CCLI Numbers are listed below:

As we look across our city (CCLI #: 7120319)
Devoted to You (CCLI #: 7120313)
How does the world keep moving (There is a hope) (CCLI #: 7138423)
How does the world keep moving (We have a hope) (CCLI #: 7133016)
Lord I come (Wash my feet) (CCLI #: 7120314)
Some days I wake up grumpy (CCLI #: 7133017)
This is our time (CCLI #: 7120316)
Though seasons will change (CCLI #: 7133018)
Walk through the fire (CCLI #: 7120317)
When I am broken (With me through it all) (CCLI #: 7120315)
Who is this (Worship Him, Emmanuel) (CCLI #: 7133019)
With your breath (I will be still) (CCLI #: 7120318)
You are my Saviour (My hope is in You) (CCLI #: 7120320)
Your love endures (Forever) (CCLI #: 7133020)

CHORD CHARTS (alphabetical order)